PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer & Protector 16 oz

PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer & Protector 16 oz
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Price: $19.95
Product ID : 10799-16
Manufacturer: PRO SHOT®
Weight: 1.50 lbs
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Shine and protect your cabinets in one easy application. Excellent for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, paneling, base boards, moldings, banisters, window sills, trim, and most other finished woods.

Want to make your cabinets and other finished woods shine? Use a soft lint-free cloth and PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer & Protector.

The easy wipe on and let dry application is ideal for most types of prefinished wood & laminate cabinets, including oak, hickory, birch, cherry, maple, pine, wood laminates, and more. PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer covers surface scratches making them less noticeable. PRO SHOT® helps protect your cabinets from food stains, grease, U.V. Rays, dust, dirt, and more. PRO SHOT® repels finger prints too. Lasts for months, and in some cases a year or more.

Now you have no excuse to live with worn-out, dull-looking cabinets, and you can just forget about the staggering cost of replacing them or the time consuming job of refinishing them. PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer contains no petroleum, so it has a low odor when applied. No wax buildup and no yellowing.

Silicone is an oil type base, so it's going to leave a residue behind that attracts dust and dirt. PRO SHOT® repels it!

All you need is a damp cloth and anything that happens on it, you can wipe away.

Protects and Repels:

•Food stains
•U.V. Rays
•Helps prevent wear

Covers approximately 240-300 square feet.

Surface Preparation:
If necessary, remove previous products. Clean surface to be treated and allow to dry. Do not apply over wax, oil, or oil soap products. Surface must be clean and completely dry before application.

Protect under work area. Pour PRO SHOT® directly to a soft lint-free cloth . Apply quickly and gently to surface and keep moving along. Allow to dry for approximately 45 minutes. A single coat is usually adequate, however, for additional shine and protection, a second coat may be applied after the first coat has dried.

Lets you choose the amount of shine you want™.

Do not apply PRO SHOT® over other products.

Do not apply other products over PRO SHOT®.

Do not apply to a wet or damp surface.

To Clean:
Use water, or water mixed with a small amount of mild dish soap and a damp cloth (not dripping wet). For a more thorough cleaning use PRO SHOT® Concentrated Cleaner & De-Soiler™. It helps retain the finish™ as it cleans, de-soils, and deodorizes the surface. This is the recommended cleaner for both PRO SHOT® Floor Restorer & Finish and PRO SHOT® Cabinet Restorer & Protector.

This product is not permanent and may be totally removed with a high PH cleaner.

•Restores shine in one easy application
•Covers surface scratches
•Shines & protects cabinets & finished woods
•Dries with a clear brilliant shine
•Lasts for months, and in some cases, a year or more
•Exceptional results (when used as directed)



Keep from freezing.

Keep away from direct sunlight, heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.

As with all cleaners and chemicals, provide good ventilation. Gloves and eye wear should be worn as a precautionary protective measure. Avoid all unnecessary exposure.

Wash hands and other exposed areas with mild dish soap and water, and then rinse with warm water.

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